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Bringing the Next Level of Innovations

We innovate and develop products that are always tastier, healthier while meeting market trends. This could not be done without a capable R&D team. “How to use coconut?” is the question that our team asks everyday. Our R&D team focus on:
  • New Product Innovation and Development
  • Product and Recipe Customisation
  • Product Enhancement for Improved Quality and Productivity
  • Providing Personalised Technical Support
  • Promoting Food Application Recipes with coconut products that deliver health and nutritional benefits

Goodness of Coconuts

Who would have thought Coconut has the “Super Food” title? Let’s look at some benefits of coconut.

High in saturated fats?

92% of coconut fats are saturated fats, but it is different from the saturated fats found in animal fats.

The saturated fats in coconut are medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCFAs) that are beneficial to our body.

Stay Healthy with Coconuts

Stay healthy with coconut

Plant Based Diet

No Cholesterol

No Cholesterol

Source of Good Fat

Source of Good Fats

Trans fat free

Free from Trans Fat

Source of Potassium

Source of Potassium 

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