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Kerra Coconut Spread – Spread the love.

Experience the sweet, coconutty taste and aroma in Kerra Coconut Spread, a creamy spread which is delicious with all the nutrients from coconut. Kerra Coconut Spread comes in three variants, which are Original, Salted Caramel and Matcha.

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Kerra Coconut Spread

Coconut Spread Original

Kerra Coconut Salted Caramel Spread

Coconut Spread Salted Caramel

Kerra Coconut Matcha Spread

Coconut Spread Matcha

Here at Kerra, we bring coconuts closer into your life.

We LOVE coconuts.

We love how amazing it tastes.

We love how wonderfully nutritious it is.

We love it so much that we even named ourselves (it’s pronounced ‘care-rrah’) after the South Indian state of Kerala – the land of coconuts!

And with our passion and innovation, we’d love to bring it closer into your life, constantly creating new ways for you to enjoy this tropical fruit, while preserving its original exotic flavour and health benefits!

It’s a whole lot of coconutty goodness for your whole family!

With coconuts stealing the limelight in recent years, Kerra stands tall to deliver the perks of coconuts for the world to indulge in.

Magnifying the abundance of coconut benefits holds the ultimate purpose of Kerra, further convincing that this tropical fruit doesn’t just taste amazing, but it is also a nutritious choice for all.


Kerra – Spread the love

Experience the sweet and nutty coconut taste in Kerra Coconut Spread, a creamy spread which is not only delicious but also versatile and convenient. Specially formulated using the finest coconuts, the spread presents a gentle, coconutty fragrance and melts in your mouth slowly.

Coconut is not only cholesterol and trans-fat free, it is also a superfood containing healthy fats which prevent obesity, contribute to brain and heart health, boost immunity and improve digestion. Besides tasting good, coconut is also a good source of fibre for the body. Now you can enjoy all the healthy benefits of coconut in a convenient spread for your daily consumption.

Kerra Coconut Spread contains natural fibre, essential amino acids, calcium, magnesium, and more importantly, lauric acid. Its high lauric acid content helps strengthen the immune system and destroys harmful bacteria, viruses and funguses. Lauric acid also boosts metabolism, which helps in weight loss and increases energy levels. Kerra uses authentic coconuts, their nutritious goodness is preserved!

More than just a mere spread for your toast, Kerra Coconut Spread can also be used as a topping for cakes and confectionery, a sweet dip filling in your favourite desserts.

  • Coconut Spread Original, the must try of the coconut lovers. Produced using real coconuts to deliver the purest coconut experience to you. Its soft, creamy texture, along with a tropical coconutty aroma, you and your family will crave for more!
  • Coconut Spread Salted Caramel, indulge in the unique combination of sweet and salty. Taste coconuts like never before with this unique flavour, only with Kerra. Kerra Coconut Spread is not just another spread. This healthier indulgent alternative is not only packed with fibre, but egg-free and lower in sugar compared to other spread options.
  • Coconut Spread Matcha, the goodness of matcha and coconut come together! Another exciting variant to tantalize your taste buds, Kerra Coconut Spread is available in the exotic taste of Matcha. Other than the benefits of coconut, the combined goodness of Matcha brings a refreshing and invigorating experience to you and your loved ones. Give you a well-balanced taste of Matcha and Coconut!


Since the launching of Kerra in 2017, Kerra has received many international recognitions on being an innovative product.

  • Top Innovation Product – ANUGA taste Innovation Show 2017
  • Nominated for SIAL Innovation – SIAL Innovation Paris 2018
  • Innovative New ProductGulfood 2019
  • Best Food ConceptWorld Food Innovation Awards 2019
  • Nominated for SIAL Innovation – SIAL Innovation China 2019

Enjoy new experiences with all three different flavours; maximising tasty possibilities with Kerra! Check out our other brand – Santan

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