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Cosip Coconut Water Roving Event

Cosip Coconut Water, bringing the goodness of coconut to you in a sip!

Made from 100% Coconut Water, a refreshing and hydrating drink that keeps you on the go by replenishing the electrolytes needed on a daily basis. It is now available in a more convenient and hygienic form!

Cosip Coconut Water comes in 2 different variants:

  • Cosip Coconut Water Original
  • Cosip Coconut Water Lemongrass

Cosip Coconut Water has sufficient electrolytes and hydration to be an alternative drink to isotonic drink, while providing a delicate mouthfeel that are indistinguishable from a natural coconut! With the Lemongrass variant, it is packed with lemongrass benefits, fragrance, and gives a smooth yet light taste when consumed.

Benefits of Cosip Coconut Water:

  • Hydrating
  • Refreshing
  • Natural Source of Electrolytes
  • Natural Source of Potassium
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Flavour

Packed conveniently in 2 different pack sizes in Tetra Pak Aseptic packaging, 250ml and 1000ml. The content and the packaging material are sterilized separately before combined and sealed in a sterile atmosphere. Hence, all Cosip Coconut Water are 100% hygienic and the packaging materials being used can greatly reduce environmental impact!

Eager to try Cosip Coconut Water? Chill out, we’re coming your way!

Cosip Coconut Water team will be roving and visiting your neighbourhood! Come get your thirst-quenching drink from us with our HUAT Chinese New Year Cosip Coconut Water promo! 😉

Promo exclusively for Cosip roving event ONLY:

  1. Buy 6 packets of Cosip Coconut Water 250ml, get 2 packets for FREE @ RM9.90
  2. Buy 1 carton of Cosip Coconut Water 250ml, get 10 packets for FREE @ RM39.60

Below is our roving schedule, keep an eye out for us! We’re pretty easy to spot, that is how you landed here in the first place 😉

If you still can’t, look out for a team of people with the most chilled out vibe and that would be us! :p

If you could not make it to any of the above listed schedule, fret not! Cosip Coconut Water is also available at Jaya Grocer, EcoShop.

For those who prefer to stay indoor in their comfort zone, Cosip is available on Shopee and Lazada too!

Links are as below:

Shopee: http://bit.ly/SnPShopee

Lazada: http://bit.ly/SnPLazada


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Chill out with Cosip Coconut Water!

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See you! 😉