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History Of Santan

Ultimate Guide To Santan Malaysia

What is Santan?

Santan means Coconut Milk in Malay language. It is a vital food ingredient for Malaysia dishes. Santan is used in almost every Malaysian popular dish you can name. Ranging from the main dish, there are Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa, Chicken Rendang; to desserts such as Cendol, kuih-muih (Malay-style pastries), for example Tepung Pelita, Kuih Ketayap, Seri Muka and many more. Not only in Malaysia, Santan is also a popular food ingredient used in Southeast Asia, South Asia, South China and the Caribbean.


Coconut Cream Powder

History of Santan in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Santan is easily available in different formats. Centuries ago, Santan was popular in the neighbourhood grocery stores, where the mak cik or pak cik at the store grates the coconut meat with a machine. Our parents would then squeeze the coconut milk from the grated coconut.

Believing in the benefits of coconut as a food ingredient, S&P was established in 1983 to embark on a journey to turn Santan into a convenient product for household usage and industrial application. Today, S&P’s products go beyond coconut milk and coconut milk powder which are exported to more than 40 countries. The five core brands which are proudly manufactured include Santan, Kerra, Cosip, Rasa Enak and Cocos. Santan as the pioneer brand by S&P has been one of the most popular household brands in Malaysia for years.


Kurang Lemak Kelapa Reduced Fat Coconut Milk

How Is Santan Produced & Packed

Santan, a popular brand in Malaysia, aspires to turn every dish tastier with Santan. Packed conveniently in Tetra Pak, Coconut Milk is produced and treated with ultra-high temperature (UHT) in a very short time to destroy all microorganism while retaining its delicious aroma and taste. Our hygienic packaging method ensures that Santan Coconut Milk has a stable shelf-life and is readily available for instant application right out of the pack.

Tastier with Santan, for coconut milk in its natural, liquid form, look no further than Santan for its fresh and natural taste. A proud product made in Malaysia. S&P as the innovative and creative company, our team always works on new product development to offer greater products to our consumers.

Thanks to the food packaging technology, Santan has launched the new packaging, with twist cap, provides convenience to the consumers on usage – Shake, Twist, Pour. With the new packaging, consumers neither need scissors to cut the packaging nor container to store the remaining coconut milk. With the new packaging, consumers only need to shake, twist and pour the coconut milk from the pack to the dishes while cooking. If there is remaining, close the cap nicely to keep in the refrigerator to be used within 3 days after opening.

The new packaging further develops our pioneer status, being the first manufacturer in Malaysia to offer Santan in Twist Cap.

In addition to the innovative packaging, Santan also introduces new variants of Santan with Pandan and Reduced Fat. Pandan gives extra fragrant to your dishes; Reduced Fat variant provides the option to consumers who require specific diet. All three variants of coconut milk – Original, Pandan and Reduced Fat are produced with UHT to ensure the stability of the content.

The Pandan variant is especially a better fit for Malaysians. Many kuih-muih in Malaysia (Malay-style pastries) use both Santan and Pandan in the recipes. With this Santan Coconut Milk Pandan, you can now have two-in-one tropical ingredient in one pack. You do not need to knock on your neighbour’s door and ask for Pandan leaves. On another hand, Santan Coconut Milk Reduced Fat is not only perfect for beverages, such as coffee, ice blended, milk juices etc. Not only that, Santan Coconut Milk Reduced Fat can also be an optional for cooking, for people who have specific diet requirements.

As a plant-based milk, Santan is a healthier option of milk as it is a cholesterol free food. In Malaysia, there are more people practicing vegan diet, Santan is definitely an important ingredient to cook tasty vegan dishes. Other than that, Santan Coconut Milk is a gluten free and non-GMO product with no preservatives.

Santan Coconut Milk from S&P offer a shelf stable product with high quality and hygienic control, you can now make your dishes tastier with Santan anytime anywhere. The convenience from the packaging and variants will definitely make your life easier. Tastier with Santan.


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