No one knows
coconut products
the way we do.

No one knows coconut
products the way we do.
Our Products

Our extensive range of coconut-related products are manufactured using only the freshest of coconuts. Hence why our finished products are famous in the market for the highest quality. Famous chefs, kitchens and countless F&B professionals use our products to deliver their finest creations everyday, around the world. We are proud to introduce our products to you here.

Our Products

Creative ideas of using our products.

Creative ideas of using our products.

S&P coconut-based food products are easy to use, convenient and easily available in the market. As such, many delicious F&B creations stem from the generous use of our products. F&B professionals and home-users alike, choose S&P due to the simple fact that our products provide the authentic coconut taste. Include our products in your recipe and amaze everyone!

Take a tour with us to discover freshness!

Take a tour with us and find out how S&P has been providing that fresh & authentic coconut taste in each and every packet of our product. Our commitment to raw material cleanliness and freshness is evident in every step of our process.

We respect the nature and the environment.

Since our inception, we have been always taken an earth-friendly stance in obtaining our natural resources. The fact that millions of our customers use our products every day in every part of the world reminds us constantly that we have a much bigger global responsibility: a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach in obtaining our raw coconuts. Consequently, we are totally committed to operating our businesses and manufacturings in manner that set positive examples and while we lead the way to a more sustainable renewable farming future. This explains why the farms that form our supply chains are carefully selected based on this very important earth-friendly criteria.

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